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Using the Mallik 2L well data, a proportional gas hydrate concentration PGHC model, which states that the gas hydrate concentration in the sediment’s pore space is linearly proportional to porosity, is proposed for the general habitat of gas hydrate in sediments. This paper assesses water quality aspect canada day vancouver islanders vsp vision appraisal nation the ecosystem initiatives and employs newly developed Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment Water Quality Index CCME WQI /62772.txt provides a convenient mean of summarizing complex water quality data that can be vancouveer understood by the public, water distributors, planners, managers and policy makers. Inmelting by warm river waters was especially effective when the strong Beaufort Gyre fragmented sea ice into unconsolidated floes. Strong compensation package offered.


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Petroleum prospectivity of the Canada Basin, Arctic Ocean. Reconnaissance seismic reflection data indicate that Canada Basin is a remnant of the Amerasia Basin of the Arctic Ocean that lies south of the Alpha-Mendeleev Large Igneous Province, which was constructed on the northern part of the Amerasia Basin between about and Ma.

Canada Basin is filled with Early Jurassic to Holocene detritus from the Mackenzie River system, which drains the northern third of interior North America, with sizable contributions from Alaska and Northwest Canada.

Except for the absence of a salt- and shale-bearing mobile substrate Canada Basin is analogous to the Mississippi Delta and the western Gulf of Mexico. About three fourths of the basin fill generates low amplitude seismic reflections, interpreted to represent hemiplegic deposits, and a fourth of the fill generates interbedded lenses to extensive layers of moderate to high amplitude reflections interpreted to represent unconfined turbidite and amalgamated channel deposits.

Worldwide heat flow averages suggest that about two thirds of Canada Basin lies in the oil or gas window. At least five types of structural or stratigraphic features of local to regional occurrence offer exploration targets in Canada Basin. These consist of 1 a belt of late Eocene to Miocene shale-cored detachment folds containing with at least two anticlines that are capped by beds with bright spots, 2 numerous moderate to high amplitude reflection packets.

Character, paleoenvironment, rate of accumulation, and evidence for seismic triggering of Holocene turbidites, Canada Abyssal Plain, Arctic Ocean. Grantz, A. Four box cores and one piston core show that Holocene sedimentation on the southern Canada Abyssal Plain for the last ?? The average net accumulation rate of the mixed sequence of turbidites and thin pelagite interbeds in the cores is about 1. Physiography suggests that the turbidites originated on the Mackenzie Delta or its clinoform, and??

Extant displaced neritic and lower slope to basin plain calcareous benthic foraminifers coexist in the turbidite units. Their joint occurence indicates that the turbidites originated on the modern continental shelf and entrained sediment from the slope and rise enroute to their final resting place on the Canada Abyssal Plain.

The presence of Middle Pleistocene diatoms in the turbidites suggests, in addition, that the turbidites may have originated in shallow submarine slides beneath the upper slope or outer shelf.

Small but consistent differences in organic carbon content and?? The primary provenance of the ice-rafted component of the pelagic beds was the glaciated terrane of northwestern Canada ; and the provenance of the turbidite units was Pleistocene and Holocene sedimentary deposits on the outer continental shelf and upper slope of the Mackenzie Delta.

Largely local derivation of the sediment of the Canada Abyssal Plain indicates that sediment accumulation rates in the Arctic Ocean are valid only for regions with similar depositional sources and processes, and that these rates cannot be. We characterize the nature of the source of the high-amplitude, long-wavelength, Mackenzie River magnetic anomaly MRA , Yukon and Northwest Territories, Canada , based on magnetic field data collected at three different altitudes: ??

The MRA is the largest amplitude 13?? Within the extent of the MRA, source depth estimates ?? Inversion of high-altitude 3. Early Proterozoic magmatic arc rocks have been sampled to the southeast of the MRA, within the Fort Simpson magnetic anomaly. The MRA is one of several broad-scale magnetic highs that occur along the inboard margin of the Cordillera in Canada and Alaska, which are coincident with geometric changes in the thrust front transition from the mobile belt to stable cratonic North America.

The inferred early Proterozoic magmatic arc complex along the western edge of the North American craton likely influenced later tectonic evolution, by acting as a buttress along the inboard margin of the Cordilleran fold-and-thrust belt. Crown Copyright?? Deep versus shallow controlling factors of the regional thermal field in the Beaufort- Mackenzie Basin Arctic Canada.

We discuss the predicted temperature variations with respect to the structure of the basin including stratigraphic and tectonic domains, the inferred depth of the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary, and the distribution of permafrost. Chen, Z. Hydrocarbon migration detected by regional temperature field variations, Beaufort- Mackenzie Basin, Canada.

AAPG Bulletin, 92 12 : Trends and variability in the hydrological regime of the Mackenzie River Basin. Trends and variability in the hydrological regime were analyzed for the Mackenzie River Basin in northern Canada. The procedure utilized the Mann-Kendall non-parametric test to detect trends, the Trend Free Pre-Whitening TFPW approach for correcting time-series data for autocorrelation and a bootstrap resampling method to account for the cross-correlation structure of the data.

A total of 19 hydrological and six meteorological variables were selected for the study. Analysis was conducted on hydrological data from a network of 54 hydrometric stations and meteorological data from a network of 10 stations. The results indicated that several hydrological variables exhibit a greater number of significant trends than are expected to occur by chance. Noteworthy were strong increasing trends over the winter month flows of December to April as well as in the annual minimum flow and weak decreasing trends in the early summer and late fall flows as well as in the annual mean flow.

An earlier onset of the spring freshet is noted over the basin. The results are expected to assist water resources managers and policy makers in making better planning decisions in the Mackenzie River Basin.

Response to Mackenzie. Chris Peers begins his response to Jim Mackenzie ‘s article, “Peers on Socrates and Plato” by asking “What is the ‘masculine imaginary? Canada Basin revealed. Mosher, David C. More than 15, line-km of new regional seismic reflection and refraction data in the western Arctic Ocean provide insights into the tectonic and sedimentologic history of Canada Basin, permitting development of new geologic understanding in one of Earth’s last frontiers.

These new data support a rotational opening model for southern Canada Basin. There is a central basement ridge possibly representing an extinct spreading center with oceanic crustal velocities and blocky basement morphology characteristic of spreading centre crust surrounding this ridge.

Basement elevation is lower in the south, mostly due to sediment loading subsidence. The sedimentary succession is thickest in the southern Beaufort Sea region, reaching more than 15 km, and generally thins to the north and west.

In the north, grabens and half-grabens are indicative of extension. Alpha-Mendeleev Ridge is a large igneous province in northern Amerasia Basin, presumably emplaced synchronously with basin formation. It overprints most of northern Canada Basin structure. The seafloor and sedimentary succession of Canada Basin is remarkably flat-lying in its central region, with little bathymetric change over most of its extent.

Reflections that correlate over s of kms comprise most of the succession and on-lap bathymetric and basement highs. They are interpreted as representing deposits from unconfined turbidity current flows. Initially, probably late Cretaceous to Paleocene synrift sediments sourced from the Alaska and Mackenzie -Beaufort margins.

This unit shows a progressive series of onlap unconformities with a younging trend towards Alpha and Northwind ridges, likely a response to contemporaneous subsidence. Sediment source direction appeared to shift to the Canadian Arctic Archipelago margin for the Eocene and Oligocene, likely due to uplift of Arctic islands during the Eurekan Orogeny.

The final. The analysis showed break-up began on average between days of year DOYs and and ended between DOYs and over 13 ice seasons , resulting in an average melt duration of ca.

Thermal processes were more important in driving ice break-up south of the MR confluence with the Liard River, while dynamically driven break-up was more important north of the Liard. A comparison of the timing of ice disappearance with snow disappearance from surrounding land areas of the MR with MODIS Level 3 snow products showed varying relationships along the river. Ice-off and snow-off timing were in sync north of the MR-Liard River confluence and over sections of the MR before it enters the Mackenzie Delta , but ice disappeared much later than snow on land in regions where thermal ice break-up processes dominated.

MODIS observations revealed that channel morphology is a more important control of ice break-up patterns than previously believed with ice runs on the MR strongly influenced by channel morphology islands and bars, confluences and channel constriction. Ice velocity estimates from feature tracking were able to be made in and and yielded day average ice velocities of 1.

The addition of optical and synthetic aperture radar data from recent and upcoming satellite missions e. Deltas form where riverborne sediment accumulates at the interface of river mouths and their receiving water bodies. Their areal extent is determined by the net effect of processes that increase their extent, such as sediment accumulation, and processes that decrease their extent, such as erosion and subsidence.

Through sequential mapping and construction of river discharge and sediment histories, this study examined changes in the subaerial extents of the Cree Creek and Athabasca River Deltas both on the Athabasca River system and the Birch River Delta in northern Canada over the period The purpose of the study was to determine how, when, and why the deltas changed in areal extent. Temporal growth patterns were similar across the Athabasca and Birch River systems indicative of a climatic signal.

Little or no areal growth occurred from to ; moderate growth occurred between and the early to mids; and rapid growth occurred between and Factors that affected delta progradation included dredging, sediment supply, isostatic drowning, delta front bathymetry, sediment capture efficiency, and storms.

In relation to sediment delivered, areal growth rates were lowest in the Athabasca Delta , intermediate in the Birch Delta , and highest in the Cree Creek Delta. Annual sediment delivery is increasing in the Cree Creek Delta ; there were no significant trends in annual sediment delivery in the Birch and Athabasca Deltas. There was a lag of up to several years between sediment delivery events and progradation.

Periods of delta progradation were associated with low water levels of the receiving basins. Predicted climate-change driven declines in river discharge and lake levels may accelerate delta progradation in the region.

In the changing ecosystems of northeastern Alberta, inadequate monitoring of vegetation, landforms, and sediment regimes hampers the elucidation of the nature, rate, and causality of ecosystem changes. All six ecosystem initiatives evolved from many years of federal, provincial, First Nation, local government and community attention to the stresses on sensitive habitats and species, air and water quality, and the consequent threats to community livability. This paper assesses water quality aspect for the ecosystem initiatives and employs newly developed Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment Water Quality Index CCME WQI which provides a convenient mean of summarizing complex water quality data that can be easily understood by the public, water distributors, planners, managers and policy makers.

The CCME WQI incorporates three elements: Scope – the number of water quality parameters variables not meeting water quality objectives F 1 ; Frequency – the number of times the objectives are not met F 2 ; and Amplitude. The index produces a number between 0 worst to best to reflect the water quality. This study evaluates water quality of the Mackenzie – Great Bear sub-basin by employing two modes of objective functions threshold values : one based on the CCME water quality guidelines and the other based on site-specific values that were determined by the statistical analysis of the historical data base.

Results suggest that the water quality of the Mackenzie -Great Bear sub-basin is impacted by high turbidity and total mostly particulate trace metals due to high suspended sediment loads during the open water season. Comments are also provided on water quality and human health issues in the Mackenzie basin based on the findings and the usefulness of CCME water quality guidelines and site specific values. Alkane, terpene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon geochemistry of the Mackenzie River and Mackenzie shelf: Riverine contributions to Beaufort Sea coastal sediment.

To study the largest source of river sediment to the Arctic Ocean, we have collected suspended particulates from the Mackenzie River in all seasons and sediments from the Mackenzie shelf between the river mouth and the shelf edge.

These samples have been analyzed for alkanes, triterpenes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs. We found that naturally occurring hydrocarbons predominate in the river and on the shelf.

Because these components vary independently, the season is found to strongly influence the concentration and composition of hydrocarbons in the Mackenzie River. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon molecular-mass profiles also appear to be tied primarily to varying proportions of peat, with an additional petrogenic component which is most likely associated with lithic material mobilized by the Mackenzie River at freshet.

Consistent with the general lack of alkyl PAHs in peat, the higher PAHs found in the river are probably derived from forest and tundra fires. We take this observation of pyrogenic PAHs and the pronounced source differences between two sediment samples collected at the shelf edge as evidence of a transition from dominance by the Mackenzie River to the geochemistry prevalent in Arctic regions far removed from major rivers.

From Natural to Design River Deltas. Productive and biologically diverse, deltaic lowlands attracted humans since prehistory and may have spurred the emergence of the first urban civilizations. Deltas continued to be an important nexus for economic development across the world and are currently home for over half a billion people. But recently, under the double whammy of sea level rise and inland sediment capture behind dams, they have become the most threatened coastal landscape.

Here I will address several deceptively simple questions to sketch some unexpected answers using example deltas from across the world from the Arctic to the Tropics, from the Danube to the Indus, Mississippi to Godavari and Krishna, Mackenzie to Yukon.

What is a river delta? What is natural and what is not in a river delta? Are the geological and human histories of a delta important for its current management? Is maintaining a delta the same to building a new one? Can we design better deltas than Nature? These answers help us see clearly that survival of deltas in the next century depends on human intervention and is neither assured nor simple to address or universally applicable.

Empirical observations on the hydrology, geology, biology and biochemistry of deltas are significantly lagging behind modeling capabilities endangering the applicability of numerical-based reconstruction solutions and need to be ramped up significantly and rapidly across the world. Against “Ressentiment”: Response to Mackenzie. Johan Dahlbeck works as senior lecturer at Malmo University. His research interest is in the philosophy of education, focusing especially on ethics and the pedagogical implications of Spinoza’s philosophy.

The focus is on the extent to which the tenets of deliberative democracy are exercised in the environmental assessment EA of the Snap Lake diamonds project. Data collection included semi-structured interviews with assessment participants, and a review of documentation surrounding the EA process, and the case study. Results combined four principles of deliberative democracy: generality, autonomy, power neutrality, and ideal role taking. The EA conducted under the MVRMA can serve as a deliberative process, as illustrated by opportunities for dialogue, access to different perspectives, and learning outcomes.

However, many of these positive results occurred through nonmandated technical sessions. Since the middle of the 20th century, most discussions of spasmodic dysphonia SD reference a paper by Ludwig Traube published in as the first historical citation, crediting him with priority for this clinical syndrome. However, our recent research has determined that the original observation by Traube was published in and does not in fact describe what is currently recognized as SD.

It appears that many clinics throughout Europe and North America were investigating and publishing observations on a range of voice disorders. The wider context of work on laryngeal disorders in the ss is considered. One of Traube’s contemporaries, Morell Mackenzie , made significant contributions to the understanding of laryngeal movement disorder and its consequences for the voice. These will be examined to gain a clearer focus on the characterization of this disorder. The clinical descriptions published by Morrell Mackenzie in the s provide details that conform quite closely to our current-day understanding of SD.

The citation of Traube’s “hysterical” patient links to mid 20th-century views of the functional nature of SD and the utility of psychiatric treatment. The description presented by Mackenzie is consistent with current views of SD as a movement disorder.

With observed climate warming in the western Canadian Arctic and potential increases in regional sea level, we anticipate expansion of the coastal region subject to rising relative sea level and increased flooding risk. This is a concern for coastal communities such as Tuktoyaktuk and Sachs Harbour and for the design and safety of hydrocarbon production facilities on the Mackenzie Delta.

To provide a framework in which to monitor these changes, a consistent velocity field has been determined from GPS observations throughout North America, including the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and the Mackenzie Delta region. An expanded network of continuous GPS sites and multi-epoch episodic sites has enabled an increased density that enhances the application to geophysical studies including the discrimination of crustal motion, other components of coastal subsidence, and sea-level rise.

To obtain a dense velocity field consistent at all scales, we have combined weekly solutions of continuous GPS sites from different agencies in Canada and the USA, together with the global reference frame under the North American Reference Frame initiative.

Although there is already a high density of continuous GPS sites in the conterminous United States, there are many fewer such sites in Canada. To make up for this lack of density, we have incorporated high-accuracy episodic GPS observations on stable monuments distributed throughout Canada. By combining up to ten years of repeated, episodic GPS observations at such sites, together with weekly solutions from the continuous sites, we have obtained a highly consistent velocity field with a significantly increased spatial sampling of crustal deformation throughout Canada.

This exhibits a spatially coherent pattern of uplift and subsidence in Canada that is consistent with the expected rates of glacial isostatic adjustment. To determine the contribution of vertical motion to sea-level rise under climate warming in the Canadian Arctic, we have. Multi-decadal increases in dissolved organic carbon and alkalinity flux from the Mackenzie drainage basin to the Arctic Ocean. Riverine exports of organic and inorganic carbon OC, IC to oceans are intricately linked to processes occurring on land.

Across high latitudes, thawing permafrost, alteration of hydrologic flow paths, and changes in vegetation may all affect this flux, with subsequent implications for regional and global carbon C budgets. Using a unique, multi-decadal dataset of continuous discharge coupled with water chemistry measurements for the Mackenzie River, we show major increases in dissolved OC DOC and IC as alkalinity fluxes since the early s, for a watershed that covers 1.

Over a year period of record, DOC flux at the Mackenzie mouth increased by Isotopic analyses and substantial increases in sulfate flux indicate that increases in alkalinity are driven by accelerating sulfide oxidation, a process that liberates IC from rock and soils in the absence of CO2 consumption. Seasonal and sub-catchment trends suggest that permafrost thaw plays an important role in the observed increases in DOC and alkalinity: sub-catchment increases for all constituents are confined to northern, permafrost-affected regions, while observed increases in autumn to winter are consistent with documented landscape-scale changes that have resulted from changing thaw dynamics.

This increase in DOC and sulfide-derived alkalinity represents a substantial intensification of land-to-ocean C mobilization, at a level that is significant within the regional C budget.

The change we observe, for example, is similar to current and projected future rates of CO2 consumption by weathering in the Mackenzie basin. We focus on ecohydrologic changes and mitigation and adaptation options to advance the field of ecohydrology using interdisciplinary technology by combining, for the first time, satellite remote sensing and hydrologic simulation with individual-based population modeling of muskrat Ondatra zibethicus , a species native to the Delta whose population dynamics are strongly controlled by the hydrology of floodplain lakes.

We are building a conceptual and quantitative modeling framework linking climate change, upstream water demand, and hydrologic change in the floodplain to muskrat population dynamics with the objective of exploring the impacts of these stressors on this ecosystem.

We explicitly account for cultural and humanistic influences and are committed to effective communication with the regional subsistence community that depends on muskrat for food and income.

Our modeling framework can ultimately serve as the basis for improved stewardship and sustainable development upstream of stressed freshwater deltaic, coastal and lake systems worldwide affected by climate change, providing a predictive tool to quantify population changes of animals relevant to regional subsistence food security and commercial trapping.

The carbon isotope measurements were compared with the Cellulose Model inferred climate data to reveal additional environmental information. Modifications made to the Cellulose Model focused on the dynamics of oxygen and hydrogen isotopic fractionation in plants during evapotranspiration and photosynthetic assimilation.

Kinetic fractionation during evapotranspiration is sensitive to the nature of the boundary layer, which is controlled by leaf size and morphology. Generally, plants with small segmented leaves have a lower component of turbidity in the leaf boundary layer, which results in higher kinetic fractionation values, than do plants having large simple leaves and more turbulent boundary layers. Accounting for this temperature -dependent isotope effect helps to: 1 reconcile hydrogen kinetic fractionation inconsistencies for different leaves; 2 explain a temperature effect previously attributed to variable biochemical fractionation during cellulose synthesis, and; 3 verify hydrogen biochemical effects in plants.

This improved characterization of the oxygen and hydrogen isotopic effects in plants, using the modified Cellulose Model, helped. Anthrax, caused by the spore-forming bacterium Bacillus anthracis, poses a threat to wood bison Bison bison athabascae conservation.

We used descriptive epidemiology to characterize a large outbreak of anthrax in the Mackenzie bison population in the Northwest Territories, Canada , in and investigated historical serologic exposure of the bison to the bacterium in nonoutbreak years. Between late June and early August , bison carcasses were detected; mortality peaked from July. A substantial number of calves, yearlings, and adult females died in the outbreak, unlike in two previous anthrax outbreaks in this population that killed mostly mature males.

On the basis of the difference in estimates of population size prior to the outbreak and after the outbreak , it is possible that not all dead bison were found during the outbreak.

We assessed serologic history of exposure to B. Both adult males and females had a higher likelihood of being seropositive than the younger age categories. There was a trend toward declining antibody levels between the and outbreak years. Assessment of undiscovered petroleum resources of the Amerasia Basin Petroleum Province. The Amerasia Basin Petroleum Province encompasses the Canada Basin and the sediment prisms along the Alaska and Canada margins, outboard from basinward margins hingelines of the rift shoulders that formed during extensional opening of the Canada Basin.

The province includes the Mackenzie delta and slope, the outer shelves and marine slopes along the Arctic margins of Alaska and Canada , and the deep Canada Basin. The province is divided into four assessment units AUs : 1 The Canning- Mackenzie deformed margin AU is that part of the rifted margin where the Brooks Range orogenic belt has overridden the rift shoulder and is deforming the rifted-margin prism of sediment outboard of the hingeline.

This is the only part of the Amerasia Basin Province that has been explored and—even though more than 3 billion barrels of oil equivalent BBOE of oil, gas, and condensate have been discovered—none has been commercially produced. Quantities of natural. Inorganic carbon fluxes on the Mackenzie Shelf of the Beaufort Sea.

The Mackenzie Shelf in the southeastern Beaufort Sea is a region that has experienced large changes in the past several decades as warming, sea-ice loss, and increased river discharge have altered carbon cycling.

Upwelling and downwelling events are common on the shelf, caused by strong, fluctuating along-shore winds, resulting in cross-shelf Ekman transport, and an alternating estuarine and anti-estuarine circulation. Downwelling carries dissolved inorganic carbon DIC and other remineralization products off the shelf and into the deep basin for possible long-term storage in the world’s oceans.

The maximum on-shelf DIC flux was estimated at Understanding carbon transfer in this seasonally dynamic environment is key to quantify the importance of Arctic shelf regions to the global carbon cycle and provide a basis for understanding how it will. Climate change significantly impacts Arctic shelf regions in terms of air temperature, ultraviolet radiation, melting of sea ice, precipitation, thawing of permafrost and coastal erosion.

Direct consequences have been observed on the increasing Arctic river flow and a large amount of organic carbon sequestered in soils at high latitudes since the last glacial maximum can be expected to be delivered to the Arctic Ocean during the coming decade. Monitoring the fluxes and fate of this terrigenous organic carbon is problematic in such sparsely populated regions unless remote sensing techniques can be developed and proved to be operational.

The main objective of this study is to develop an ocean colour algorithm to operationally monitor dynamics of suspended particulate matter SPM on the Mackenzie River continental shelf Canadian Arctic Ocean using satellite imagery.

The water optical properties are documented across the study area and related to concentrations of SPM and particulate organic carbon POC. Robust SPM and POC : SPM proxies are identified, such as the light backscattering and attenuation coefficients, and relationships are established between these optical and biogeochemical parameters. Following a semi-analytical approach, a regional SPM quantification relationship is obtained for the inversion of the water reflectance signal into SPM concentration.

This relationship is reproduced based on independent field optical measurements. It is successfully applied to a selection of MODIS satellite data which allow estimating fluxes at the river mouth and monitoring the extension and dynamics of the Mackenzie River surface plume in , and Good agreement is obtained with field observations representative of the whole water column in the river delta zone where terrigenous SPM is mainly constrained out of short periods of maximum river outflow.

Most of the seaward export of SPM is observed to occur within the west side of the river mouth. Yamamoto, K.

The program is being carried out at the Mallik gas hydrate field in the Mackenzie Delta , a location where two previous scientific investigations have been carried in and In the program that was undertaken by seven partners from five countries, m3 of gas flow was measured during hours of thermal stimulation using hot warm fluid.

Small-scale pressure drawdown tests were also carried out using Schlumberger’s Modular Dynamics Tester MDT wireline tool, gas flow was observed and the inferred formation permeabilities suggested the possible effectiveness of the simple depressurization method. While the testing undertaken in can be cited as the first well constrained gas production from a gas hydrate deposit, the results fell short of that required to fully calibrate reservoir simulation models or indeed establish the technical viability of long term production from gas hydrates.

A key priority is to accurately measure water and gas production using state-of-art production technologies. Production testing was carried out in April of under a relatively low drawdown pressure condition. Flow of methane gas was measured from a 12m perforated interval of gas-hydrate-saturated sands from to m. The results establish the potential of the depressurization method and provide a basis for future.

Geological carbon budget of the Mackenzie River Basin: New insight from the oxidation of rock-derived organic carbon. Horan, K. Erosion and weathering transfer carbon between the atmosphere and lithospheric storage, thereby operating to modify Earth’s long-term climate. Over millions of years, atmospheric carbon dioxide CO2 is sequestered during the weathering of silicate minerals by carbonic acid, coupled to carbonate formation, and following the erosion of biospheric organic carbon and its burial in sediments.

However, erosion and weathering also act together to release CO2 from the lithosphere. Erosion enhances the rate of oxidative weathering of organic carbon in rocks petrogenic OC, OCpetro , which is a major CO2 source over geological time.

In addition, oxidation of sulfide minerals can produce sulfuric acid that weathers carbonate minerals and results in transient CO2 release. Although these sources and sinks of CO2 are well recognised, limited case studies exist where they have been measured alongside each other. Here we calculate the geological carbon budget during weathering and erosion in the Mackenzie River Basin, Canada.

The silicate weathering rate, carbonate weathering rate by sulfuric acid and the sedimentary burial of biospheric organic carbon have been constrained by prior work.

Closing the long-term CO2 budget therefore requires us to quantify the OCpetro oxidation rate. To do this, we use dissolved rhenium Re concentrations as a proxy for OCpetro weathering using samples collected from to Taiwan , which is consistent with a lower physical erosion rate in the Mackenzie Basin. By making assumptions about the concurrent mobility of Re and CO2 during OCpetro weathering we quantify the OCpetro weathering rate and constrain the associated CO2 flux to be 0.

The transient CO. Submarine landslides in Arctic sedimentation: Canada Basin. Canada Basin of the Arctic Ocean is the least studied ocean basin in the World. Marine seismic field programs were conducted over the past 6 years using Canadian and American icebreakers. These expeditions acquired more than 14, line-km of multibeam bathymetric and multi-channel seismic reflection data over abyssal plain, continental rise and slope regions of Canada Basin; areas where little or no seismic reflection data existed previously.

Canada Basin is a turbidite-filled basin with flat-lying reflections correlateable over s of km. For the upper half of the sedimentary succession, evidence of sedimentary processes other than turbidity current deposition is rare. The Canadian Archipelago and Beaufort Sea margins host stacked mass transport deposits from which many of these turbidites appear to derive.

The stratigraphic succession of the MacKenzie River fan is dominated by mass transport deposits; one such complex is in excess of , km2 in area and underlies much of the southern abyssal plain. The modern seafloor is also scarred with escarpments and mass failure deposits; evidence that submarine landsliding is an ongoing process. The sedimentary record, therefore, underscores the significance of mass-transport processes in providing sediments to oceanic abyssal plains as few other basins are able to do.

The basin contains roughly 5 or 6 million cubic km of sediment. Three fourths or more of this volume generates low amplitude seismic reflections, interpreted to represent hemipelagic deposits, which contain lenses to extensive interbeds of moderate amplitude reflections interpreted to represent unconfined turbidite and amalgamated channel deposits. Extrapolation from Arctic Alaska and Northwest Canada suggests that three fourths of the section in Canada Basin is correlative with stratigraphic sequences in these areas that contain intervals of hydrocarbon source rocks.

In addition, worldwide heat flow averages suggest that about two thirds of Canada Basin lies in the oil or gas windows. Structural, stratigraphic and combined structural and stratigraphic features of local to regional occurrence offer exploration targets in Canada Basin, and at least one of these contains bright spots.

However, deep water to almost m , remoteness from harbors and markets, and thick accumulations of seasonal to permanent sea ice until its possible removal by global warming later this century will require the discovery of very large deposits for commercial success in most parts of Canada Basin. Seismic velocities within the sedimentary succession of the Canada Basin and southern Alpha-Mendeleev Ridge, Arctic Ocean: evidence for accelerated porosity reduction?

The Canada Basin and the southern Alpha-Mendeleev ridge complex underlie a significant proportion of the Arctic Ocean, but the geology of this undrilled and mostly ice-covered frontier is poorly known.

New information is encoded in seismic wide-angle reflections and refractions recorded with expendable sonobuoys between and Velocity—depth samples within the sedimentary succession are extracted from published analyses for of these records obtained at irregularly spaced stations across an area of 1.

The samples are modelled at regional, subregional and station-specific scales using an exponential function of inverse velocity versus depth with regionally representative parameters determined through numerical regression. With this approach, smooth, non-oscillatory velocity—depth profiles can be generated for any desired location in the study area, even where the measurement density is low. Practical application is demonstrated with a map of sedimentary thickness, derived from seismic reflection horizons interpreted in the time domain and depth converted using the velocity—depth profiles for each seismic trace.

A thickness of 12—13 km is present beneath both the upper Mackenzie fan and the middle slope off of Alaska, but the sedimentary prism thins more gradually outboard of the latter region. Mapping of the observed-to-predicted velocities reveals coherent geospatial trends associated with five subregions: the Mackenzie fan; the continental slopes beyond the Mackenzie fan; the abyssal plain; the southwestern Canada Basin; and, the Alpha-Mendeleev magnetic domain.

Comparison of the subregional velocity—depth models with published borehole data, and interpretation of the station-specific best-fitting model parameters, suggests that sandstone is not a predominant lithology in any of the five subregions. However, the bulk sand-to-shale ratio likely increases towards the Mackenzie fan, and the model for this subregion compares.

Velocity-depth samples within the sedimentary succession are extracted from published analyses for of these records obtained at irregularly spaced stations across an area of 1. With this approach, smooth, non-oscillatory velocity-depth profiles can be generated for any desired location in the study area, even where the measurement density is low. Practical application is demonstrated with a map of sedimentary thickness, derived from seismic reflection horizons interpreted in the time domain and depth converted using the velocity-depth profiles for each seismic trace.

A thickness of km is present beneath both the upper Mackenzie fan and the middle slope off of Alaska, but the sedimentary prism thins more gradually outboard of the latter region. Comparison of the subregional velocity-depth models with published borehole data, and interpretation of the station-specific best-fitting model parameters, suggests that sandstone is not a predominant lithology in any of the five subregions. However, the bulk sand-to-shale ratio likely increases towards the Mackenzie fan, and the model for this subregion compares favourably with.

Mackenzie Bay, Antarctica. Similarly colored tendrils also streamed northward across the ocean, their flow sometimes interrupted by icebergs. Multiple factors might account for the ghostly shapes, including low-lying clouds or katabatic winds—downslope winds blowing toward the coast, which can freeze the water at the ocean surface. But an intriguing and perhaps more likely explanation involves processes occurring below the ice shelf.

An ice shelf is a thick slab of ice often fed by glaciers attached to the coastline. The shelf floats on the ocean surface, with seawater circulating underneath. Like most ice shelves, the Amery is very thick in the upstream area near the shore. It thins significantly as it stretches northward away from the continent. Water at depth is subject to much greater pressure than water at the surface, and one effect of this intense pressure is that it effectively lowers the freezing point.

So water circulating at depth beneath the Amery Ice Shelf may be slightly below the temperature at which it would normally begin to freeze. As some that water wells up along the underbelly of the shelf, the pressure is reduced and the water begins to freeze even though the temperature may not change.

As it freezes, this deep-ocean water forms needle-like crystals known as frazil. The crystals are only 3 to 4 millimeters 0. A frazil-rich plume probably accounts for the blue-green waters off the Amery Ice Shelf in the image above. Modeling of ocean circulation beneath the shelf indicates just such a plume emerging in that location. Frazil-rich water explains the plume, and wind transport of the surface water explains the long streams extending northward.

As the sub-iceshelf water mixes with surface water around the Antarctic. Glaucous gull predation of goslings on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta , Alaska. We collected Glaucous Gulls from late June to early August to examine diet. Identification of undigested prey tissue, based on DNA microsatellite loci, showed three species of goslings in gull stomachs: Emperor Goose Chen canagica , White-fronted Goose Anser albifrons , and Cackling Canada Goose Branta canadensis minima.

Our stratified sample of gull stomachs and aerial survey estimates of population size and distribution of gulls and juvenile geese enabled extrapolation of species-specific predation rates to the entire Y-K Delta. We estimated that a minimum of 21 Emperor Goose, 34 Canada Goose, and 16 White-fronted Goose goslings were consumed by 12 Glaucous Gulls during the brood-rearing period on the Y-K Delta in Gulls selected the three species of geese approximately in proportion to their abundance.

Although gull predation caused significant gosling mortality, its role in regulating goose populations on Y-K Delta remains unresolved. These mudrocks were deposited in dysoxic marine bottom-waters that became progressively more oxygenated with time. A rapid rise in sea level drowned the carbonate ‘ramp’ member of the Ramparts Formation and produced the thin, organic-rich Carcajou Marker. Bottom-water stagnation that resulted from subdued ramp palaeotopography produced anoxic sea bottom.

On two occasions the authors have obtained samples of liver from freshly killed beluga whales harvested by Inuit hunters. The first samples were obtained from whales trapped in the Husky Lakes; with the onset of winter, ice restricted these whales to small breathing holes where they were taken by hunters.

They were found to be starving, with body weights about kg less than those expected for whales of their length. Liver mixed-function oxygenase activities, ethoxyresorufin-O-deethylase and aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase, correlated closely with blubber residues of polychlorinated biphenyls.

A second group of whales was taken in the summer hunt inmore » Kugmallit Bay and showed no sign of starvation. The enzyme activities in these whales had weaker statistical relationships to PCB residues. These observations suggested that mobilization of blubber by the starving whales may have released PCBs to act pharmacologically.

The authors could not test this hypothesis directly on whales, but an experiment was carried out on laboratory fish to try to examine it. Arctic char were given low dosages of PCB congener and then maintained on diets of full normal ration, half-ration and quarter-ration over a period of 48 weeks, with sub-sampling at intervals.

Fish receiving less than maintenance rations responded with decreases in body fat and increases in EROD activities. These laboratory results suggest that correlations between enzymatic activities and PCBs in the starving whales may indeed have been the result of the loss of blubber and concomitant release of PCBs. Mallik 3L, 4L and 5L scientific wells were drilled in the MacKenzie Delta , NWT, Canada in early primarily for carrying out initial tests of the feasibility of producing methane gas from the large gas hydrate deposits there [1].

Here, we provide details on the acquisition program, present the results of the 2D field profile, and discuss the potential implications of these observations for the structure of the permafrost and gas hydrate zones. These zones have long been problematic in seismic imaging due to the lateral heterogeneities. Conventional seismic data processing usually assume a stratified, weak-contrast elastic earth model.

However, in permafrost and gas hydrate zones this approximation often becomes invalid. This leads to seismic wave scattering caused by multi-scale perturbation of elastic properties. A 3D viscoelastic finite difference modeling algorithm was employed to simulate wave propagation in a medium with strong contrast. Parameters in this modeling analysis are based on the borehole geophysical log data.

In addition, an uncorrelated Vibroseis VSP data set was studied to investigate frequency-dependent absorption and velocity dispersion. Our results indicate that scattering and velocity dispersion are important for a better understanding of attenuation mechanisms in heterogeneous permafrost and gas hydrate zones. Dallimore and T. Collett; Geological Survey of Canada , Bulletin , in press. Use of water isotope tracers to characterize present and past hydrology of northern boreal freshwater landscapes in Canada Invited.

Wolfe, B. The impact of climate change and variability on water resources is a pressing issue for northern boreal freshwater landscapes in Canada. Water in this region plays a central role in maintaining the ecological integrity of ecosystems, economic development and prosperity, and traditional use of the land and its resources by indigenous communities.

In the Peace-Athabasca-Slave River Corridor in western Canada , shrinking headwater glaciers, decreasing alpine snowmelt runoff, and declining river discharges impact sustainability of hydroelectric and oil sands production and the vitality of floodplain ecosystems of the Peace-Athabasca and Slave river deltas.

In the Old Crow Flats of northern Yukon Territory, declining lake and river water levels threaten wildlife populations and cultural activities of the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation. In Wapusk National Park in northeastern Manitoba, over 10, lakes provide key habitat for large populations of wildlife, but their hydrological fate under conditions of continued warming is uncertain.

Inadequate short- and long-term understanding of hydrological variability and its relationship to climate change hamper informed stewardship of water resources in these remote landscapes and presents a significant challenge to managers and policy-makers. Over the past decade, our research has targeted these critical water-related issues.

Investigations have focused on integrating contemporary hydroecological studies with long-term past centuries to millennia records of hydroecological changes derived from analyses of lake sediment cores using multi-proxy techniques. Spearheaded by the use of water isotope tracers, these leading-edge approaches to water science have provided critical new knowledge to inform stewardship of these important landscapes to contemporary conditions and in light of projected future scenarios.

For example, water isotope tracers were used to map the spatial extent of river flooding in the Slave River Delta over a. Estimates of renesting rates by duskies may be useful for adjusting estimates of the size of the breeding population derived from aerial surveys and for understanding population dynamics.

We used a marked population of dusky females to obtain estimates of renesting propensity and renesting interval on the CRD, — Between first nests and renests, mean interval was We incorporated our renesting estimates and available estimates of other nesting parameters into an individual-based model to predict the proportion of first nests, continuation nests, and renests, and to examine female success on the CRD, — Also, through 15 May the approx.

Thus, the number of nests per female would have a significant, though relatively consistent, effect on adjusting the relation between numbers of nests found on ground surveys versus numbers of birds seen during aerial surveys. We also suggest a method that managers could use to predict nests per female using nest success of early nests.

Thus, although nest success remains low, production for duskies was higher than previously thought. The detachment of the Laurentide Ice Sheet margin from the Canadian Cordillera opened the present-day drainage route of the Mackenzie River to the Arctic Ocean and an ice-free corridor that allowed for migration of species between Beringia and the mid-latitudes of North America. A substantial retreat of the ice sheet margin in this region has been suggested to have occurred during the subsequent Younger Dryas cold period, despite the fact that in many other regions ice masses stabilised or even re-grew at this time.

However, until now, deglacial chronometry for this region and the western LIS margin is sparse and consists mostly of minimum-limiting macrofossil and bulk C ages from organics materials overlying glacial sediment.

With the aim to bring new data on the deglaciation history of the Mackenzie River valley, we collected samples for Be exposure dating from glacial erratic boulders in the southern Franklin Mountains that bound the Mackenzie River valley from the east.

The sampling elevations ranged between and m a. Instead, 10 out of 12 measured samples cluster tightly around 15 ka, with the remaining two samples likely containing Be inherited from previous periods of exposure. Our results thus indicate a pre-Younger Dryas rapid down-wasting of the ice sheet surface, which we infer was accompanied by an ice margin retreat to the southeast.

The southern reach of the Mackenzie River valley at the eastern foot of the Cordillera was, according to our results, ice free shortly after 15 ka, with the prospect that the ice-free corridor might have opened significantly earlier than hitherto anticipated.

Further research is. Origin of the Mackenzie large igneous province and sourcing of flood basalts from layered intrusions. The 1. New Re-Os isotope and highly siderophile element HSE: Re, Pd, Pt, Ru, Ir, Os abundance data are reported together with whole-rock major- and trace-element abundances and Nd isotopes to examine the behaviour of the HSE during magmatic differentiation and to place constraints on the extent of crustal interaction with mantle-derived melts.

Mineral-chemical data are also reported for an unusual andesite glass flow 4. Compositions of mineral phases in the andesite are similar to equivalent phases found in Muskox Intrusion chromitites and the melt composition is identical to Muskox chromite melt inclusions. Elevated HSE contents e. These signatures implicate an origin for the glass as a magma mingling product formed within the Muskox Intrusion during chromitite genesis.

Flexible hours and no weekends or holidays necessary. Perform mainly comprehensive eye exams, diagnose and treat diseases, prescribe appropriate lenses and glasses on up to 24 patients a day. Great benefits and salary are offered. The surrounding areas have an abundance of lakes, streams and mountains that form the Catskill Mountain Range and the Adirondack State Park. Beautiful upstate NY is centrally situated within one-hour drive of the cities of Syracuse, Utica, Cooperstown, and Binghamton.

Strong optometrist opportunity to join a high volume ophthalmology practice with a strong referral base. Ideal candidate will coordinate and build the optometry network. Generous base salary and bonus and benefits.

Lovely beachfront community with an abundance of outdoor activities and watersports. Lively nightlife with exceptional restaurants and entertainment including theatre and shows. Optimal family environment with strong public and private school systems and park amenities. For more information on this or other opportunities nationwide, contact melissa theeyegroup. This practice has a thriving research department and offers access to new medical devices and cutting-edge new innovations.

Phone: Email: mguessford etsvision. Website: www. This well-established company is looking for a special kind of doctor that enjoys working with the elderly!

This position is for four or five weekdays a week! Visit Nursing Facilities within the region and be home in the evening. No overnights. This position is for three or four weekdays a week! Located near the Allegheny Forest and the Susquehannock State Forest this practice is located in an outdoor lover’s paradise. The practice has a couple locations in the Smethport, PA area which is located along scenic Route 6, named by National Geographic as “one of America’s most scenic drives” for its miles of history and heritage, small towns, and the beauty of the forest.

This is a great opportunity to practice in a progressive practice that has invested in their practice with equipment including OCT, Visual Fields, Optos, etc.

Enjoy your weekends in this M-F practice plus a half day off during the week! ETS Vision specializes in recruiting Optometrists and Ophthalmologists for top practices across the country. All conversations and inquiries are completely confidential. Established ophthalmology practice seeking a full time optometrist to join their team.

Ideal candidate real go-getter that is motivated to grow in the practice and is strong with most medical cases. This is a very well run general medical practice with the latest technology. You will be performing routine eye exams, see medical cases, co-manage, pre and post op care and refractions.

Only thirty-minute drive south to the beautiful beaches of Malibu. Thousand Oaks offers a thriving business environment with attractive shopping, restaurants, culture, and pleasant year-round temperatures averaging 60 — 75 degrees. Join a fantastic ophthalmology practice performing both routine and medical based optometry on up to 25 patients daily.

Fantastic pay offered and 4 day work weeks. Enjoy four full seasons and fun outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, golfing, boating, kayaking, fishing, horseback riding and more. Short distance to mountains for skiing or snowboarding during the colder seasons. Explore over parks, visit museums, historical sites, farmers markets, and more family friendly activities. Five modern and fully equipment clinic locations, each with a full service optical center, and two nationally accredited ambulatory surgery centers dedicated exclusively to patients’ eye care needs.

This practice prides itself on providing exceptional care to patients throughout a growing service area. Ideal candidate will be extremely medically oriented and will thrive in a busy primary, medical, and surgical practice.

Excellent Salary, with Bonus Program, and Benefits. Enjoy the professional rewards of a busy practice while living in one of the most pleasant and enjoyable areas of the country. Beautiful area nestled in the foothills of the mountains and set against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this community has all the important things you are looking for in a place to call home.

A pleasant and safe community, affordable housing, tremendous recreational opportunities, quality health care and excellent public and private schools options. This large and growing practice services an area of over , Join busy, growing ophthalmology practice in Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Monday through Friday.

New doctor will perform routine eye exams, contact lens fittings, and also will see a high level of pathology. Candidate should be highly driven to bring new patients to the practice. Competitive compensation and benefits offered. Enjoy the culture of museums and many performing arts theaters. Large newly renovated coliseum is host to numerous large scale events such as concerts, ballet, and presidential candidate visits. Large population of collegiate athletics is also among the enjoyment of this exciting city which has been named in the top Best Communities for Young People.

Located only 1 hour South of Birmingham, 3 hours South of Atlanta, and 4. Well established ophthalmology practice looking to add a medically focused optometrist to them team; Monday through Friday. Generous compensation and benefits offered. Paducah is a river city, located right where the Tennessee and Ohio rivers merge.

It is also equidistant to St Louis, Missouri to the northwest and Nashville, Tennessee to the southeast. See up to 20 patients daily including a high volume of post op patients weekly. Perform exams utilizing state of the art technology, work alongside the MD clinical director to provide efficient and high quality care. The Louisville area is a great place to live as well as raise a family. Louisville has an exciting nightlife and an abundance of entertainment.

It also offers a diverse living and working environment receptive to both change and preservation of its heritage. The area includes an array of cultural offerings, innovative businesses, state-of-the-art medical facilities and a wide variety of educational institutions. Full time opportunity to join a strong ophthalmology group practice. Provide a great balance of medical and primary care in a state of the art, established, and highly respected practice.

Practice to the full extent of your license. Currently a Monday through Friday schedule. Enjoy trails, lakes, rivers, and cliffs of Mountain Maryland and a quality of life perfect for those who seek tranquility, peace, and friendly neighbors. Full time position covering locations just south of Colorado Springs. Full scope optometry in a fully equipped, fully staffed practice. Great tech support and a strong management team. No Saturdays required.

Amazing full-time opportunity for an optometrist in Victoria with a large optometric organization offering excellent long-term growth potential. Perform a mix of routine and medical optometry on up to 15 patients per day.

The hours are from or , no late nights necessary. Should have good interpersonal skills and can work well both independently and cohesively with a team. As the capital of British Columbia sitting on the end of Vancouver Island, this picturesque city is surrounding by unmatched mountain and ocean vista views. Victoria boasts colorful botanical gardens, a beautiful harbor, brilliant architecture and a rich ancestry that can be experienced through horse-drawn carriages, tearooms and double-decker buses.

The city is also a notorious international hub of culture, art and food. Victoria is an ideal base for year-round outdoor activities and a well-balanced lifestyle. Perform mainly medical based exams with some routine. Full benefits and good salary offered. Looking for a long term commitment and to join their community. This area offers southern hospitality and charm as well as many options for public and private education and top-rated colleges and universities in the state of Georgia.

This city is the perfect place to play and live with plenty of options for camping, fishing, boating, white water rafting and an elegant lake side golf resort with 7 nationally ranked golf courses.

Ophthalmology practice looking to add an optometrist to travel to their affiliated locations within Fort Myers and Naples. Ideal candidate is someone who is okay with traveling to their different practices , seeing different types of patients in each office. Strong compensation package offered. Family friendly and filled with activities and amenities for all ages, this community embraces a dedicated commitment to quality of life.

The sun is out, the water is cool and the sandy beaches are as much fun as ever. Picture perfect setting to shop, dine, live, work and play. University town with service area approaching population of , offers many unique shops, art centers, museums, live theater and fine dining. Recreational activities in this coastal front location include sailing, fishing and golfing. In fact, Phoenix has more land designated for parks and preserves than any other major city in the nation. In addition to its natural beauty and Old West roots, Phoenix is home to an array of theater, shopping, dining, museums and more cultural attractions.

There are also golf courses that stay green all year, mountain parks crisscrossed with trails, sports venues worthy of the Super Bowland a spectrum of boutiques and fashionable malls few regions in America can match. Did I mention shopping and incredible dining experiences?

The opportunity includes:. Currently seeking an Optometrist for a full-time opportunity with a full scope private practice in the Johnstown, PA area. We are looking to add an associate optometrist who can grow with the practice. This opportunity is for either full-time or part-time, depending on availability. We have a new facility, state-of-the-art equipment and a phenomenal staff.

Weekdays are flexible but Saturday availability is a must. Our ideal candidate should be committed to consistently creating an environment where patient service and satisfaction are the absolute top priority.

We are excited to add another doctor to our team! Are you looking for a long term private practice opportunity that allows you to treat patients the way you choose? Do you want the autonomy to make your own clinical decisions, yet have the support of a large doctor owned practice?

Do you want to take part in some of the business operations and decision making, but not interested in taking a large financial risk? We provide full-scope medical optometry services, primary eyecare for all ages, full optical inventory, specialty contact lenses, dry eye, myopia control, as well as binocular vision and vision therapy services.

An ideal candidate shall have the desire to help foster long term relationships with patents and be an advocate for practice growth. While there is plenty of room for primary eyecare, medical eyecare and contact lenses, our most successful doctors develop and grow a sub-specialty of their passion.

We are currently in the process of one by one upgrading all our facilities to bring them up to modern standards and increasing size to handle future growth projections. Currently due to a recent tragic and unforeseen loss of one of our doctors, we have an immediate full time opportunity in our Grove City location.

Due to pending maternity leave of one of our doctors early this summer we are also seeking full time employment to cover those hours mostly at the Sunbury location with a day in Delaware and a day in New Albany. Due to practice growth this position will remain full-time and long term rotating through our various locations. Don’t take the care of your eyes for granted, trust them to the people who have been caring for eyes since — Pearle Vision.

At every neighborhood Pearle Vision, we believe that from the exam room to the retail floor you deserve genuine Eye Care. And this Pearle Vision location will be locally owned and operated.

Pearle Vision is also part of an eyewear industry leader, Luxottica. We are experts who know that every appointment begins and ends with trust. This is not just a job The happiness of those we serve is a direct result of the collaboration and engagement of our team. You’ll receive excellent compensation and a benefits package with additional perks designed to make you smile. We consider our work environment our sanctuary and take great efforts to protect it from negativity from the outside or from within.

The work you do will be rewarding. But you’ll earn more than a paycheck: you can enjoy opportunities to grow your career. Most of all, we believe you can find purpose, meaning, and the chance to be part of something bigger than yourself. Upon request and consistent with applicable laws, Luxottica will provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities who need assistance in the application and hiring process.

To request a reasonable accommodation, please call the Luxottica Ethics Compliance Hotline at be sure to provide your name and contact information so that we may follow up in a timely manner.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, gender, national origin, social origin, social condition, being perceived as a victim of domestic violence, sexual aggression or stalking, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, citizenship, ancestry, veteran or military status, marital status, pregnancy including unlawful discrimination on the basis of a legally protected pregnancy or maternity leave , genetic information or any other characteristics protected by law.

Native Americans receive preference in accordance with Tribal Law. No late nights or weekends necessary. High paying salary. Perform routine exams, comprehensive management of ocular diseases and more. This area offers the scenic Puget Sound with an abundance of saltwater activities from beachcombing to salmon fishing and sailing.

The magnificent Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges also provide amazing scenery and recreation opportunities. Enjoy the small town feel along with an abundance of culture and entertainment. In addition, both Seattle and Portland, Oregon, are within an hour and a half. Amazing full-time opportunity for an optometrist on Vancouver Island with a large optometric organization offering excellent long-term growth potential. Located in British Columbia, Vancouver Island is one of Canada’s premier destinations that features a milder climate, vibrant arts culture, and historic ambiance.

A world-class scenic backdrop of snowcapped mountains and sandy beaches frame the island, and 13 picturesque golf courses stretching along the coastline. The overall diverse nature of Vancouver Island makes it an ideal base for year-round outdoor activities and a well-balanced lifestyle. Outstanding opportunity for a medical optometrist to join a cohesive and successful ophthalmology practice on a full time basis. This is a state of the art multispecialty practice offering LASIK, cataract, dry eye, glaucoma, retina, oculoplastics, and peds.

Growing practice looking for add an optometrist to perform medical based optometry. Optometrist will be responsible for complete ophthalmic examinations, retinal imaging with fundus photos and OCT, and visual function testing such as automated perimetry and dark adaption. Monday through Friday. Strong full time opportunity for an optometrist to join this successful and growing ophthalmology practice with onsite optical. Enjoy a truly full scope position including comprehensive eye exams, co-management of disease, pre and post op care, and community involvement.

New Hampshire has no state income or sales taxes. This area offers an excellent quality of life and is a 45 minute drive from Boston , 90 minutes from the Atlantic beaches and the White Mountains. Enjoy a beautiful historic downtown with unique boutique stores, a great arts scene, and a variety of fine dining and eateries making for an exciting, vibrant community. This is a great part-time opportunity to join an established optometry practice in the Bronx.

The position is primarily routine eye care. The practice is looking for somebody to work 3 days a week and they are able to offer a flexible schedule. Amazing full-time opportunity for an optometrist in Surrey with a large optometric organization offering excellent long-term growth potential. The prime location allows residents to enjoy beautiful urban forests, clean beaches, golf courses, and great ecotourism adventures.

The overall diverse nature of Surrey makes it an ideal base for year-round outdoor activities and a well-balanced lifestyle. Practice adjacent to the established optical which has the ability to support multiple fully booked doctor days. Amazing full-time opportunity for an optometrist in Southern British Columbia with a large optometric organization offering excellent long-term growth potential. Here, you can live at relaxed pace of life and still get all the benefits of city-life, featuring top-notch cuisine, nightlife, shopping, and a lively arts culture.

Everything you want to do in Southern British Columbia is easily accessible – a short drive, quick ferry ride or convenient trip on the local transit system. As one of Canada’s premier destinations that features a milder climate, vibrant arts culture, and historic ambiance, Southern BC has world-class scenic backdrop of snowcapped mountains and sandy beaches stretching along the coastline. Strong opportunity to join a growing ophthalmology practice; Monday through Friday.

Practice full scope, medically oriented optometry in this high volume surgical practice. Excellent administrative and technical support provided. Generous income guarantee plus incentives and full benefits. Residency training or experience preferred.

Whether Downtown, Mid-Town, or Germantown is more your style you will have your choice of multiple family friendly communities with access to excellent restaurants, major theater productions, private and public schools, upscale shopping, and professional sports. Fantastic full time opportunity to join a multi-specialty medical group in New York performing primarily routine eye exams.

Days are flexible and flexibility with hours. Different benefits packages available. See patients roughly every 30 minutes. Easy access to the Finger Lakes region. Visit local parks where you can go running, biking swimming and more. Take a sip at nearby brewing companies and cideries, walk around farmers markets and enjoy friendly neighborhood company at local restaurants.

Embrace a small town atmosphere and experience four full seasons. Yes, you read that right! On your annual work anniversary, we will provide you with a bonus to help repay those student loans! This will be a sizable amount that will help knock those loans out sooner. Get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about our program.

At Elite Eye Care, patients can expect an elite experience through expert and personalized care, unparalleled service, and top-quality products. As a well-respected business in the communities it serves, Elite Eye Care is growing, and a long-term opportunity is now available for the right Optometrist.

Surrounded by natural beauty, the metropolitan area offers a cityscape, prairies, farmlands, state parks, and everything in between. Home to museums, historical landmarks, botanical gardens, excellent restaurants, a rich art scene, and plenty of shopping, this vibrant city offers something for everyone to enjoy.

The area also provides residents with convenient, relaxed, affordable living and endless recreation. Everything the Des Moines area offers, plus welcoming people, friendly communities, safe neighborhoods, and excellent schools, makes it a wonderful place to call home. Elite Eye Care has served the greater Des Moines metropolitan area for over ten years, offering an exceptional eye care experience for the entire family.

With two successful practice locations, the Elite Eye Care team is committed to ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of every patient.

The professionals offer a spectrum of vision and medical eye care services, including managing ocular diseases, a dry eye and medspa specialty, an extensive and successful vision therapy clinic, pediatric eye care, and specialty contact lenses.

To help support ongoing business growth, expansion to a third location, and other business ventures, Elite Eye Care is looking to add an Optometrist to the team of 35 professionals. The practice is well-equipped with diagnostic technology, including optical coherence tomography, visual fields, Lumenis IPL, Optos, digital phoropters, Right Eye, Vivid Vision, iLux, and many more. The business recently relocated to a new 10, square foot, state-of-the-art clinic and features 10 fully-equipped exam lanes and dedicated space for vision therapy as well as our dry eye treatment and medspa.

Additionally, patients enjoy shopping in our spacious optical boutique that features designer frames and specialty eyewear collections for all vision needs. Elite Eye Care is seeking a well-rounded Optometrist passionate about providing personalized eye care and individualized vision solutions to ensure excellent eye health and vision care for all patients. A team of optometric technicians efficiently conduct preliminary and on-demand testing and scribing assistance is available during examinations, enabling you to focus on personalized quality patient care.

The position is 32 hours weekly; four days of patient care per week is considered full-time. On-call emergency assistance may be required. The practice is looking for a professional who strives to create positive patient experiences to consistently exceed patient expectations, ensuring patient satisfaction and retention.

For the right Optometrist, a future potential partnership or ownership opportunity may be available. To be successful in this role, you must demonstrate leadership, excellent patient communication skills, interpersonal skills, and compassion for patient health and safety. In addition, the ideal candidate will be ambitious, responsible, service-oriented, community-involved, and willing to integrate new techniques and innovations that improve patient care and services.

Amanda Nicholas Practice Director at eliteeyecaremanager gmail. Full or part time Optometrist, Associate with opportunity of practice purchase. Great experienced staff, Optos widefield imaging with all exams. Extensive trial soft lens collection. Beautiful lake country in North Central Indiana. Philip G. Nix, O. We are excited at this excellent opportunity to find an Optometrist committed to exceptional patient care, who possesses strong clinical skills, and a team-oriented attitude.

This dynamic and growing practice located in Berea, has a positive work culture and a great support team. Here you will be able to practice state-of-the-art Optometry utilizing all the latest diagnostic instrumentation including OCT, OPTOS, corneal topography, digital phoropters, and more.

Our team of technicians perform all pre-testing duties, contact lens fittings, and scribe for our doctors. Interested parties please send your CV to drskingseyecare gmail. The history of our practice stretches back over 50 years, but we continue to see amazing growth due to our dedication to providing the highest quality eyecare to our patients. We are excited to add an associate optometrist to our family who shares our values of exceptional eyecare and dedication to patient service.

We have all the technology you can ask for including Cirrus OCT, Lipiflow, corneal topography, 7 exam lanes and much more. To support our doctors, we have an amazing team of technicians, opticians and administrative staff to allow the doctors to practice at their highest levels.

Our comprehensive optometric practice includes dry eye clinics, disease management and specialty contact lens patients. Greensboro is located in the heart of the Triad region of North Carolina. Check us out at www. Amazing full-time opportunity for an optometrist in Prince George with a large optometric organization offering excellent long-term growth potential. The city boasts rich artistic history, while providing an array of cultural site-seeing, diverse dining experiences and a multitude of outdoor exploration and activities.

Prince George is an ideal base for year-round outdoor activities and a well-balanced lifestyle. Excellent Opportunity to join a small practice on a full time basis.

Monday through Friday, no weekends required. Great benefits and excellent salary are offered. Perform full scope optometry on a diverse group of patients. Patients of all ages – routine, medical, pre and post op care. New grads are welcomed. Enjoy botanical gardens, local museums and take leisurely walks along the river or through one of the many parks around.

Explore the area and dine on a variety of cuisines. Enjoy major sporting events and close proximity to the city where you can enjoy musical theater, concerts, historical buildings, sight-seeing and more. Optometrist needed to join state of the art ophthalmology practice.

Three very busy offices within close proximity. Extremely busy practice with strong technical and administrative staff. Residency Training required.

Located on the Mid-Atlantic coastal area of Virginia and offers a broad venue of residential options, from oceanfront to suburban to urban living. There are excellent public, private, and higher education schools, cultural enrichment, endless recreational activities, and a user friendly international airport. Lucrative position in private, multi-doctor, wide scope primary care optometric practice.

Sat when scheduled. This area is bountiful with outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, boating, horses, wineries, etc. The town comes alive with its country music roots and amazing venues for all different types of musical events that are hosted here throughout the year.

The practice has been updated with new furnishings and new equipment. The opening is for a full-time optometrist. Amazing full-time opportunity for an optometrist in Barrowtown with a large optometric organization offering excellent long-term growth potential.

With flourishing growth in the area, Barrowstown continues to maintain its small-town, wholesome feel. The overall diverse nature of Barrowtown makes it an ideal base for year-round outdoor activities and a well-balanced lifestyle. Join this growing and high volume ophthalmology practice full time Monday through Friday. Providing routine vision examinations of patients who need glasses or contact lenses along with treating medical conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc.

This position is a mixture of working with the MDs in clinic learning each doctor’s cataract and LASIK post op regimen, getting a deeper understanding of the MDs’ approach to medical care, assisting in triage and work up of patients.

Local travel between offices is required. Strong multispecialty practice is seeking a dedicated medical Optometrist with strong diagnostic skills and a passion for delivering patient centered primary care. This role allows you to see patients with a wide variety of pathology and refractive needs with a high earning potential. Offices are well equipped with full staff and EHR. The position offers compelling financial incentives including a signing bonus, competitive guaranteed base, annual bonus potential, and a robust benefits package.

Practice in a state-of-the-art setting with excellent support. Enjoy being part of a large group practice while practicing in this satellite location. Nearby Wichita offers big-city amenities and an endless variety of things to see and do.

This practice seeks a doctor to provide lots of pre-op and post-op exams and some comprehensive exams. An outstanding opportunity for an OD to join an established research group working out of Dallas. Must be a licensed Optometrist. This would be a hands-off clinical position. The OD will not be physically conducting examinations; however, the optometrist will be conducting daily chart review and site visits, as needed. Manager of Clinical Affairs is responsible for training of site staff regarding commercial or clinical trials, as well as exam performance and demonstration, as required.

Excellent opportunity to join a strong, multispecialty ophthalmology group in this Midwestern metropolitan area. Located within easy access to Kansas City and its many attractions including professional sports, performing arts, unique museums, theme parks and historic sites. An established ophthalmology group is looking to add a part or full time Spanish speaking optometrist to their practice. This opportunity allows the candidate to practice to the full extent of their license and join an already busy and successful group.

Conveniently located in a great Boston suburb. Great full time position for an Optometrist interested in practicing full scope optometry. Beautiful area with lots of water sports, shopping, restaurants with affordable housing. Excellent opportunity to join this well-established private practice.

Provide routine eye care, contact lens, and medical exams in a professional setting. OCT, visual field, digital retinal cameras – EMR – staff does most of pre-testing, case history, and dilating. Great Northern Detroit suburb. Amazing full or part time opportunity for an Optometrist to join a busy medically focused practice. Conduct medical eye exams, post op checks and some refractions. Good pay, bonus structure and full benefits are offered. Support staff available to the incoming OD.

Located in a mountainous pine forests in North Central Arizona approximately 90 miles north west of Phoenix. This mile-high city enjoys a small-town atmosphere with beautiful surroundings, clean air, pleasant lifestyle, and a dry, mild, four-season climate.

Recreational activities include hiking, fishing, boating, rock climbing, and golfing with community events. Join a well established practice in the Panhandle area seeing mainly disease oriented cases Monday through Friday; with no late nights or weekends.

See up to 25 patients daily. Less than an hour from Pensacola and 30 minutes from the glistening blue beaches of Destin.

Enjoy renowned galleries and art events, golf, go boating, kayaking and enjoy local cuisines and the comfort of a beautiful beach area. Competitive Salary. Part or full time position available in this practice that is seeking candidates who excel in interpersonal skills and patient communication. This is a patient focused practice that is looking for a doctor who will focus on patient education and providing high-quality care.

Great opportunity to surround yourself with midwestern values, low cost of living, excellent private and public schools, and family oriented communities. This area also offers easy access to recreation such as fishing, skiing, golfing, sailing, swimming, boating, and cycling. Currently seeking an Optometrist for a full-time opportunity with a practice in Indiana near the Ohio border.

Practice is located near Richmond, IN. Private practice with a couple locations in central New Hampshire is looking for an Optometrist for 4 or 5 days per week. New Hampshire is known for abundant outdoor recreation where you can fish, hike, bike, kayak, snow mobile, ski and not pay income taxes!

SBct Hartford, CT Full time Optometrist – Vision Therapy practice for sale This is a great opportunity to own an established practice that provides developmental and neuro-optometric exams.

Located approx. CVC is a two-doctor optometric practice with the senior OD looking to retire. We have a great team, working together in a very professional environment Creston Vision Clinic has multiple lanes to work out of, top of the line diagnostic equipment and documentation software. CVC has had in-house Ophthalmology for over 30 years; working side by side to offer the best patient care environment possible.

As an employee of CVC, you’ll have many benefits and occupational perks covered. In addition to a competitive salary, we’ll also lay out a simple path to partnership encouraged, not mandatory Creston provides many recreational and housing opportunities and is only an hour away from Des Moines. Creston has great schools public and private , complimented by a solid industrial and agriculture presence.

Creston has a trading footprint covering over 10 counties in Iowa and Missouri, which nurtures a strong patient base. Creston Vision Clinic has been in continuous practice for over 60 years. We’re looking forward to meeting you. This is a great opportunity to grow with a practice that handles a full range of Vision cases daily. A beautiful area to raise a family, great school system, and close to many Universities. Requirements: O. Excellent clinical and Communication skills.

Works well in a team environment. Our dedicated professionals enjoy competitive industry salaries, continuing education, ample vacation time, and life, health, and dental insurance. But most importantly, we value your time outside of your career. That is why we make your work-life balance a priority. We employ 3 full time Ophthalmologists one pediatric , two fulltime Optometrists, and 3 part time Optometrists in our three offices. We are looking for a full or part time Optometrist to work in our Valparaiso office.

Employment includes competitive salary and excellent benefits. Our Optometrists practice full scope Optometry and can practice to the fullest extent of their license in Indiana.

A new doctor will be an employee of our medical practice, not an independent contractor. Employment includes benefits: medical insurance, malpractice insurance, continuing education, vacations, K and profit sharing. Our ODs perform full eye exams, fit contact lenses soft, GP, scleral, hybrid , treat infections and inflammations, remove foreign bodies, and perform some post-operative duties for our surgeons.

Valparaiso, Indiana is a vibrant college town in northwest Indiana. Valparaiso University is located in our city, and provides sports, music, theater and other amenities to our community. Valparaiso has a wonderful city park system, many tremendous restaurants, shopping, community theaters, and outdoor activities.

Lisa Wardell at lwardell nwiea. Clarity Vision is a well established optometry practice that opened its doors in to provide personalized optical and medical eye care services to Southern Manitoba. Our warm and trusted eye doctors become familiar with each individual patient in order to customize eye exams and treatment options. Our clinics operate in 6 different locations within Manitoba: Winkler, Selkirk, Portage la Prairie, Winnipeg , Stonewall and our newest addition in Niverville.

We are looking for a passionate Full-Time or Part-Time Optometrist to provide patient care that is willing to grow and evolve with our ever-expanding practice. We also use a cloud-based EMR to make scheduling and record-keeping easy. Compensation would be generous and housing will be provided for the first 6 months if employed at our Winkler location. Andrew Aiken at drandrewaiken gmail. Eye Care for the Adirondacks is the leading multi-group, multi-specialty eye care facility in the Northern New York-Champlain Valley, with 4 clinic locations and an ambulatory surgical center, offering comprehensive eye health, vision, and surgical care for over 40 years.

We have a fulltime position opening in our Potsdam NY location with an excellent compensation and benefit package.

Our services include primary care, medical management, contact lenses and eyeglasses. Trained staff consist of scribes and highly trained technicians to assist the doctor providing the following testing prior to the exam: Pt. The comprehensive benefit package includes health insurance, malpractice, CE, dental, K, 20 days paid time off, 7 personal days, and 8 paid holidays. Perfect opportunity to join this progressive, full scope optometry practice.

Enjoy a mix of optical, contact lens and medical optometry with great support staff and EMR. Located 1. Enjoy all the history this area has to offer as well as four seasons and outdoor recreational activities, excellent schools and a great place to raise a family.

Join a fantastic family friendly practice seeing up to 24 patients daily in two locations on a part or full time basis. Flexible hours and schedule with no late nights or weekends. Perform full scope eye exams, eye emergency care, and medical. Looking for someone who is interested in a long term fit, is a great communicator and can appreciate all aspects of small town living.

This is a great opportunity to join an established ophthalmology practice in El Paso. High Paying! Practice specializes in peds but you will be seeing patients of all ages as well. Medical optometry in a pediatric ophthalmology setup, evaluation of prepping and post-op patients we can train.

Practice open Mon-Fri and great salary and benefits. This is a wonderful place to raise a family, with strong economic benefits and low cost of living and no state income tax. There is often a significant temperature difference in the day and night. With warm days and cool evenings, even in the summers, life is enjoyable in El Paso.

At Saini Eye Care our goal is to provide the highest quality eye care in a kind and supportive environment for our staff and patients. We want someone interested in building lifetime relationships with our patients and their families, who is enthusiastic and wants to work in a fun and professional environment.

Saini considers her patients to be her extended work family and is looking for an associate doctor that cares for patients in the same way. The schedule can be flexible full time or part time , never work late evenings, only 2 weekends a month and the compensation is very competitive with a customizable benefit package! This is truly an amazing opportunity as you will have the opportunity to grow with the practice, provide great patient care and have an excellent support staff. Growing practice looking to add a dedicated optometrist.

From general eye care to ground-breaking laser cataract surgery and cosmetic eyelid surgery, this strong practice offers compassionate treatments for a wide range of eye conditions and diseases. Every treatment is performed and managed by experienced optometrists and helpful, highly trained staff.

The entire team prides itself on patient dedication and care. This exciting opportunity at a large state of the art facility gives the new optometrist a chance to practice to the full-extent of their license.

The practice is located in a spectacular setting of natural beauty with endless outdoor recreation possibilities, excellent schools, small town charm, actual cultural events, minimal traffic, no commuting, paltry sales tax, and no state income tax! This is a great opportunity for a medically oriented optometrist to join an established ophthalmology practice.

High paying salary plus Bonus! The new OD will be doing a lot of pre and post ops. Both part-time and full-time opportunities. The practice is offering a strong base salary with bonus opportunities. The practice has 3 openings, one in each of the locations below and you chose which you would like to apply for:. Amazing opportunity for an OD to join this established ophthalmology practice part time days per week. This is a new location for the practice, which is fully staffed and you will have a scribe and contact lens technician to assist with visits.

See approximately 25 patients per day. Position is primarily routine eye exams with some post-ops and follow ups. This practice is looking for a team player who is patient care oriented. Great benefits and compensation package. Enjoy all California has to offer including beautiful beaches, great sunny weather, and a great deal of recreation, there is no shortage of activities to keep you busy on your days off. Join strong and growing practice with existing patient base from day one.

Busy and solid practice looking to add a medically oriented optometrist Monday through Friday. Located in Jackson County, Florida. Visitors are attracted by cave diving, boating, fishing, hiking, canoeing, camping, birding, unique plants, and historical sites. Jackson County is in the north central Florida Panhandle area and touches the states of Alabama and Georgia with its northern and eastern borders, while touching Bay County, Florida with its southern border.

Strong salary offered. Part or full time opportunity for a medically oriented optometrist to join a busy ophthalmology practice in Western Massachusetts. This is a beautiful five-college town, multicultural area that has many outdoor activities and offers a lifestyle rich in cultural, artistic, academic and business resources, along with a superb quality of life.

Our downtown center is one of the most vibrant in New England. We are a bustling five college area, Smith, U Mass, Amherst College and Mount Holyoke , and offer four seasons of activities such as hiking, biking, tennis, skiing, golf, camping and water sports.

We have excellent school systems and a fantastic area to raise a family. This is your opportunity to join a well established, comprehensive full scope practice in Laredo, TX. This practice has a need for a full-time Optometrist Associate. Great opportunity for a New Grad or established OD looking for an established practice with a diverse and highly medical patient base!

Requirements: Glaucoma certified O. Excellent clinical, production and patient relations skills. Join one of the leading multi-specialty ophthalmology practices in Jacksonville. The doctor will provide diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment for a wide variety of ocular and refractive problems.

Ideal candidate is a dedicated, energetic, Optometrist with strong diagnostic skills and a passion for delivering a great patient experience. High volume practice, technology driven innovation, multi-specialty collaboration and integration with a strong, supportive and experienced staff. The practice provides a support team of trained ophthalmic technicians, scribes and experienced opticians.

Competitive salary, bonus, and benefits package. Beautiful coastal metropolitan area with warm weather year round. Enjoy a variety of water sports in the ocean or intracoastal such as boating, kayaking and fishing. Additional outdoor activities such as walking or biking at one of the multiple state parks in the area.

Dine on delicious cuisines, enjoy the local craft beers and shopping centers. Join a dynamic, progressive and one of the most exciting practices in the Southeast.

Great area to live with beautiful beaches. Access to boating, golfing, tennis, fishing and water sports, arts and entertainment. Resort type communities available. Panama City’s attributes provide a highly attractive living environment compatible with a variety of tastes and life styles.

Cited most often are: pleasant climate, attractive housing opportunities and a pleasing friendly environment for raising a family. Strong technical and administrative support. Offering an ideal mix of urban and suburban living, this area offers regional shopping malls, is the central business district of Fairfax County, and is located minutes from downtown Washington, D.

The Washington metropolitan area is home to numerous government institutions and cultural attractions, including festivals, museums, theaters, year-round markets, outdoor recreation, and five professional sports teams. Optometrist needed to join established practice in Northeast Alabama near Fort Payne Monday through Thursday, no weekend hours.

Competitive salary, benefits, and signing bonus offered. Located under an hour to Chattanooga, TN and under three hours to Atlanta. Growing and scenic city ideally located with easy access to major highways. Enjoy all the area has to offer including a plethora of amazing recreational activities along the beauty of its lakes, rivers, and mountains. Join a high volume ophthalmology practice, no optical, mostly medical. Strong compensation.

Bristol is a vibrant, safe, charming, family-friendly area with a low cost of living and traffic issues are limited. With 4 distinct, beautiful seasons and an abundant outdoor adventures, excellent public and private schools and universities, hours from larger metropolitan areas. Bristol has something for everyone Full time optometrist for five days per week, including Saturdays, in a privately owned optical based practice in Brooklyn. The practice is primarily by appointment right now, but walk ins are welcome as well.

The office has a strong medical practice and is interested in maintaining and building an even stronger practice around the new doctor. The office is equipped with an OCT, Visionix, fundus camera, visual field, and the doctor will have a full-time tech. Benefits include: Health, malpractice, disability, paid vacation, CME, k, and possible relocation assistance. Excellent clinical and communication skills. It has been mostly a 1 Dr practice for 35 years and then became a 2 Dr practice.

Its capable of keeping 2 Drs busy and has even more growth potential as we are turning some patients away. The sale is not for any other reason than wanting to see grandkids and travel.

Private practice has many perks, but if interested you must understand it takes time and work. I would be open to talk with any prospective buyer. We are also considering an associate. The management of a practice, coding and payroll lessons are invaluable and unfortunately not taught in the program. This can be a part time or full time position and could potentially lead to taking over the lease.

Start your own practice under the Pearle Vision umbrella! The incoming Optometrist will be able to set own hours and have full access to top notch equipment. The O. Since we will be a brand-new office in our community, we are offering up to 6 months lease free in order to build your practice with us.

Our office is located in a very rural, affordable area to live; however, we are only 45 minutes from big city life in Nashville, TN. We will be the only eye center in our county and anticipate a rapid growing rate. Learn more about this and other national jobs for optometrists! Connect with Drew Caldwell: info ojonline. The vision of PATHS is to provide access to quality primary and specialty care, prescription medication, case management and other ancillary services to the citizens of Southern Virginia and surrounding areas.

PATHS provides a medical home for everyone — including the uninsured and underinsured as well as a point of entry into established human service agencies and health care systems. The incoming Optometrist will work with area school systems to provide children and young adults with fantastic access to vision care.

The incoming O. Established more than 50 years ago, this premier practice is located in beautiful Minnesota. This high-volume practice has built their reputation on providing the latest eye care technology with the best service possible. Minnesota is known for its natural surroundings, healthy lifestyle, arts and culture.

You can always count on fun, year-round activities and stunning natural beauty. Large Ophthalmology group located in the Phoenix area is in search of an exceptionally motivated and committed full-time Optometrist to join our team.

We are seeking a talented full-scope optometrist who has experience in medical optometry to perform medical diagnosis and management of cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration diabetic retinopathy, dry eye syndrome and the like.

Our Practice includes eighteen highly experienced physicians dedicated to delivering outstanding patient care services with compassion. This practice is a well-established and rapidly growing multi-specialty practice that prides itself on providing superior patient care.

This is an excellent opportunity for an Optometrist who is seeking to join a high-volume, results driven practice with a proven track record for excellence. Enjoy living in one of the finest golf and tennis communities while having easy access to hiking, biking and all the amenities of a large metropolitan city. Offering competitive compensation and a great benefits package commensurate with experience.

Excellent opportunity for an Optometrist with strong clinical skills and exceptional patient care. This practice is the most technologically-advanced ophthalmology practice in the region and serves North and South Carolina residents. The practice is seeking an Optometrist who can provide quality care and patient satisfaction in an efficient manner. This high-volume practice has a positive work culture and a great team.

Well-established surgical practice of 60 years is seeking a Medical Optometrist to join their premier medical practice located in Kansas. Excellent opportunity for an Ophthalmologist who values integrity, compassion and exceptional patient care. Partnership opportunity after the first year. Excellent opportunity for an Optometrist committed to exceptional patient care, who possesses strong clinical skills and a team-oriented attitude.

This dynamic and growing Optometric practice located in West Central Illinois has a positive work culture and a great support team. Here you will be able to practice state-of-the-art optometry utilizing all the latest diagnostic instrumentation including OCT, OPTOS, corneal topography, etc. Our state-of-the-art practice was established and built in after the merger of four well-established eye care practices.

These 3 Ophthalmologists and 8 Optometrists believe that integrating primary care and specialized care into one central eye-care facility provides convenient and better-quality care for patients. It also allows each doctor type to do what they do best. You’ll be busy day 1, and you’ll love working in our beautiful, 28k square foot, high tech office. In addition to a great doctor team, we have an outstanding staff of well-trained techs and scribes to make your workday more enjoyable.

We provide excellent benefits, including : health insurance, health savings account, life insurance, flex spending account, disability insurance, K, vacation and sick time.

We invite you to learn more about our wonderful opportunity and the people who make our organization such a special place. Seeking personable, caring, outgoing individual to join our staff as an associate doctor with a potential for future partnership.

This office is located 15 minutes from Stowe, Vermont, close to skiing, biking, kayaking, hiking and many other activities. Our practices provide routine eye care as well as medical eye care services, including glaucoma diagnosis and treatment and post cataract co-management. The office utilizes the latest technology available for diagnosis and treatment of eye disease.

Our practice uses certified EHR technology and provides onsite edging and lens surfacing capabilities for same day service on many prescriptions. We offer our patients one of the largest selections of eyeglasses in Vermont. Vermont optometrists have the benefit of a broad scope of practice including progressive therapeutic privileges. Practice Optometry in Beautiful South Carolina. Join us at Magnolia Eye Associates and Coastal Eye Associates and have the opportunity to practice optometry in a primary care setting that offers you incredible flexibility both in and out of the office.

We understand that work-life balance and the ability to pursue outside interests in your profession are two of the most important factors in our profession. Our goal is to provide you this opportunity so you can grow and practice with us for many years to come.

In our offices, you will have the ability to fit all forms of contact lenses and practice full scope optometry to the extent you are comfortable with, and much more. Our practice has state of the art equipment including Optos, Clarify refracting systems, topography, Rev EHR and more. We reward our doctors aggressive and customizable options to make sure you have a great work life balance.

We offer our doctors:. Full time, part time, and per diem work available. SC Optometric License needed. Robert E. Reid, O.


Current Listings: Career Services: Student Portal: School of Optometry: Indiana University – Your Eyes Deserve VSP


The big event returns with in-person activities in As with most other top Canada Day festival venues, admission is free. Unlike most other Canada Day events, at the Surrey event there are usually amusement rides. This is the case again in In addition to all the midway rides, games and food vendors, the Surrey Canada Day event also features live music concerts throughout the day.

The celebrations finish with fireworks at about pm. The event usually runs from mid-afternoon until the end of the fireworks at night although not in At this community event participants bring their lawn chairs and picnic dinners and enjoy a variety of live entertainment performances. For more information about what normally happens on July 1st in this community see our article about West Vancouver on Canada Day. Less than a two-hour drive from Vancouver, more fabulous Canada Day celebrations usually take place up at Whistler.

Whistler announced that the city would run virtual celebrations on July 1st instead. In there are more things to do on July 1st. Celebrations include a pancake breakfast, free yoga class, and a parade where guests walk to different stations in the village. For more information about July 1st events in this community, see our article about Whistler on the Canada Day Weekend.

Canada Day by the Bay celebrations happened virtually in Folks could enjoy the event from home on YouTube and Facebook. In the event returns with in-person activities at West Beach. The celebrations happen from to pm this year and include live entertainment, local vendors and a barbeque.

Click White Rock on July 1st for more information. For a list of events that happen online, click Canada Day Virtual Events. To learn about other major events in the Lower Mainland at different times of the year, check out the Festivals and Events Calendar. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Vancouver’s Best Places. Canada Day in North Vancouver. Canada Day at Canada Place. Canada Day at Granville Island.

Canada Day in Abbotsford. Canada Day in Burnaby. Canada Day in Coquitlam. Canada Day in Langley. Canada Day in Maple Ridge. Canada Day in New Westminster. Canada Day in Port Moody. Canada Day in Port Coquitlam. Steveston Village Salmon Festival.

Canada Day in Surrey. Canada Day in West Vancouver. Canada Day in Whistler. Canada Day in White Rock. Newsletter Sign up for our free e-Newsletter. Recent Posts. Vancouver on the Thanksgiving Weekend October 5, Information on this website is accurate to the best of our ability at the time of writing, but actual details may vary. Vancouver’s Best Places does not accept responsibility for loss or inconvenience due to errors. For the most up-to-date information see relevant official websites.

Select Site. Our Business Whether helping people access quality care, creating the next ophthalmic innovation or supporting providers as they manage their practice, we help people see every possibility with the most comprehensive portfolio of eye health services, eyewear solutions, and practice solutions. Learn More. Meet Our Leaders. I’m here because I would like to Private Practice Doctors and Retail Locations VSP members receive great care and more value at a Premier Program location, which is part of our incredible network of highly knowledgeable doctors.

All members can see a Premier Program provider, at no extra cost including thousands of private practice doctors and over Visionworks locations nationwide. Learn Your Diabetes Risk Could you or a loved one be at risk?

Diabetes impacts your overall health and can affect your vision. Take seconds to find out your risk for type-2 diabetes. Coverage for Every Stage of Life You and your eyes should always come first. Contact Contact Us. Call Member Services.

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