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Even though the hiring preferences and missions vary greatly among these agencies, their series provides a common framework in training and authorities. In analogous terms, the patrol officer employed by the New York Police Department has similar job responsibilities i. The basic terminology surrounding the Criminal Investigator CI profession is very unique and distinct to other federal law enforcement positions. Confusing a special agent with other federal law enforcement professions is as a rookie mistake and one that is not made among the criminal investigator ranks.

Special Agents are acutely aware of the distinctive nature of their position and are proud of their hard-fought status among other federal law enforcement agents. The Criminal Investigator position is undoubtedly among the most prestigious and sought-after federal law enforcement occupations within the United States. Federal criminal investigators have been at the forefront of historical events throughout our history and the first Special Agents SA can trace their origins to the founding of the constitution.

From the devastating to the infamous, special agents have been repeatedly called upon to keep our nation safe, dismantle some of the worst criminal organizations in history and instill our faith in a competent, well-trained and incorruptible workforce of dedicated public servants. The mythology behind the criminal investigator position has been well exploited by Hollywood, yet few truly understand what it takes to successfully pursue a lifelong career in this unique endeavor.

The best criminal investigators are indeed intelligent, relentless and skillful risk-takers who share a common dedication to morality and public service. Entry level criminal investigators can be hired anywhere between the GS 5 — 10 pay band.

The pay rate for each band has a built-in geographic variance, meaning a GS-5 in New York city will make significantly more than the same GS-5 stationed in Scottsdale, AZ. Virtually all special agents have a journeyman pay band of GS; which means they can progress to this pay band so long as they continue to meet all requirements.

In order to progress beyond GS, a special agent must promote to a management position, which typically start at GS Given the size and visible presence of the uniformed federal law enforcement community, it is common for members of the public to conflate the uniformed series or all federal agents with s. However, BP does have some plainclothes investigators that further develop cases originating from the patrol division. Although these investigators deal with federal crimes, they are not s but rather uniformed BP Agents series working a plainclothes detail.

For those hoping to be s, the list of available agencies is vast and varied. From the famously depicted Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI to the relatively obscure Defense Criminal Investigative Service DCIS ; there a number of distinct options to choose from, each with its own mission, culture and unique hiring requirements.

Applicants should try to match their skills with an agency where they are most likely to succeed. For example, Homeland Security Investigations HSI has a hiring program that allows for applicants with substantial investigative experience to advance as the most qualified and often contains academy classes with predominantly prior law enforcement candidates.

In contrast, the FBI has allocated pools of hiring categories ie. Legal, Accounting, Language and may limit its law enforcement candidates in order to cultivate a more skills diversified academy class.

Consequently, if you are a detective with extensive years of investigative experience, your chances of making it through the hiring process with HSI are significantly better than with the FBI.

Conversely, if you speak a fluent foreign language i. Chinese or Russian , you have an above average chance of quickly advancing through the application process with the FBI since they specifically seek out such applicants to help with their counterintelligence mission. The same candidate with this specialized language skills would get no automatic preference with the HSI hiring program.

The third tier although not in the pejorative become more obscure to the public due to their smaller sizes and limited jurisdictions. The capabilities, budget, mission and size vary greatly among the various agencies. Each offer unique upsides and drawbacks, lifestyles and career development opportunities. A person with the passion, willingness and skillset to conduct criminal investigations related to narcotics should strongly consider a career with the DEA; just know that they have a difficult fitness test, routinely work irregular hours and are considered among the best in executing wiretap operations.

Similarly, if you have an interest in extensive travel, prefer protective service operations over complex investigations and want regular opportunities for overtime pay, consider the U. Secret Service; just know that many married USSS special agents find work-life balance difficult in this agency due to their operations centered mission. Some folks want to work on an aircraft carrier one day; they should consider a career with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service NCIS , which offers an agent afloat program.

Others get seasick the minute they hit the water and consequently should avoid applying to NCIS at all costs. That is why it is important to learn not only where you can maximize your chances for success but what agency is best suited for your personality, skillset and individual preferences; to avoid being disappointed upon arrival at your first assignment.

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Opm job series 1811


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